How to Share

The whole purpose behind Liberty on the Prairie is to get people talking about freedom in a meaningful way. So I encourage you to share the hell out of anything you find here. I've added a few features that will make this simple.

1. Use the share buttons at the bottom of each post to publish your favourite articles to social media.

2. All along the right side of this blog, you'll find links to great articles, videos, petitions, and more. These links will be changing all the time, so check them out at least once a week. Pass them along to your friends. Make your teens and college-aged kids read/watch them.

3. At the bottom of every Human Rights 101 post, you will find a list of talking points and questions that will help you to gather your thoughts and discuss these principles of freedom with others. Having good information is only half the battle. You need to be better prepared to chat about liberty with your co-workers around the coffee pot every morning.

4. I've made this handsome little button that you can put on your own blog or website that links to this site. Just copy and paste the following code into an html widget and change the width and height as needed.

to get this button, copy this code...
<a  href=""><img src="" width="500" height="500" alt="liberty logo-001"></a>

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