the tears of the social justice warrior

Perhaps you've stopped trying to keep up with the trending lingo in our ever-changing society of slang and hashtags and I don't ...

Perhaps you've stopped trying to keep up with the trending lingo in our ever-changing society of slang and hashtags and I don't blame you. Hell, I still think "rad" is perfectly relevant even though it's not 1988. But there are a few important cutting edge words and phrases that every free person ought to know - because they represent a movement that aims to control the way you think and speak: a raging group of mostly young people who won't stop crying until they live in a world where all the "deserving" people get to feel good about themselves for absolutely no reason at all. 

Allow me to introduce the Social Justice Warrior: the screechy upper middle class graduate student who rants on youtube that all men must be burned alive because they're intolerant or something. These are the political correctness busybodies that intend to police all speech and thought and if you think I'm exaggerating, you haven't been following campus politics - the place where the new tyranny is formed. The latest social trend in the echelons of higher learning is to control thought and speech to the extent that some colleges are actually discussing changing gender pronouns - yes, they think it's sexist to say "he" and "she". Colleges are compiling lists of banned words and banned books. Students are protesting course materials, campus clubs, social and cultural events, and guest speakers who they think might offend someone, somewhere, someday. 

Again, you may think I'm exaggerating. Until I tell you about the University of Ottawa, where yoga classes were cancelled because they feared students of East Indian descent would feel that the white people were "appropriating" their culture. Or perhaps you'd be more interested in male students being wrongfully expelled by campus kangaroo courts because most colleges now include regrettable consensual sex in their definition of rape. Students are demanding that history be redacted so they don't have to learn about any unpleasant chapters of the past -  like slavery or WWII. There was even an instance where undercover reporters posed as students and claimed to be offended by the mere presence of the US Constitution and several colleges willingly destroyed the documents!

This is really happening.

Why would any scholarly institution indulge such insanity? Because the leftist professorial crowd has been trying to cultivate this uber sensitive culture for decades and now that they've managed to bring it to fruition, they're bloody terrified of it. SJW's are forcing college presidents to resign for failing to punish offensive remarks. They are getting Nobel Laureates stripped of their honors for making a lame joke. They're forcing celebrated scientists to publicly apologize for wearing ugly novelty shirts. They are setting themselves up as the social elite and they really hate it when people don't bend to the power of their dark-side-of-the-force mind tricks. 

Traditionally, colleges and universities have been at the very forefront of diversity of thought. Every significant social change in our history was largely championed by free-thinking students, and in nations where human rights are still limited, universities continue to be a sanctuary for those trying to change the system. Compare these to schools in the west where kids go to whine about not being allowed to show their nipples in public. Many students are far from being caught up in the hysteria, but sadly, their education is being grossly affected by the delusional. And many other students are swallowing the propaganda like it's cheap beer, letting it change their understanding of even the most basic rights, like freedom of speech. And they're graduating into the real world and bringing with them this narrow and naive worldview.

The problem seems to stem from a lack of ability to deal with differences coupled with an increasing, almost compulsive, need to feel like a good person. SJW's are greatly concerned with appearing tolerant and progressive, even when they are coming to the defence of people who stone women to death for being raped. Their hypocrisy is so complete, there are some schools where students are demanding segregated study spaces so that minorities can feel more comfortable "with their own kind". They are demanding segregation! The crux of the SJW's cause is always the same: they want to be shielded from anything they find unpleasant, from ideas to whole classes of people. How do you justify students of one race wanting a place to study where another race isn't allowed? And not just a private study group in someone's dorm room - a school sanctioned and monitored one-race-only facility. Did someone pack America into a plutonium powered delorian and take us back sixty years or is this the dystopian future?

In order to justify such nonsensical demands, the SJW's invented several new words and phrases to keep us all confused and here are a few of them. First and foremost, there is microaggression, which is a word or action that, while not overtly bigoted, may reveal unintended prejudice. For example, asking an Asian student if they got a good grade on a math exam would be a microaggression because the speaker may subconsciously be perpetuating the stereotype that all Asians are good at math. Microaggressions are so subtle that any person...I mean any white person...can be accused of bigotry for practically anything they say. 

Next are safe spaces, where students can go when they feel threatened by words or ideas they hear from other students, professors, or even in the actual curriculum. I kid you not, these safe spaces are often stocked with crayons, bubbles, and other childish items to keep these "adults" from falling to pieces because someone asked them to read Ayn Rand or wished them a Merry Christmas. Professors and speakers are ordered to apply trigger warnings before a lecture or text so that sensitive students can choose to flee before it. If you enjoy the dress, music, dance, or food of another culture, you are guilty of appropriation. If you refuse to confine yourself to the allotted ideology of your recognized race and gender, you are guilty of race or gender treason. And if you question any of these orwellian limitations, you are a denialist

How in the world did these young people become so emotionally delicate? How did they come to believe that perceived hate must be answered with actual hate, actual oppression, even actual violence? Perhaps they were not adequately taught the concepts of liberty in primary school. Perhaps it's the after-school-special philosophy of the left that convinced them life should be easy, fair and pleasant all of the time. Or maybe they're just ill prepared for the complexities of the real world and fall easy prey to radicalism. In any case, these young people are not just marching and hunger-striking their way across school campuses, they are online, they are interning, they are getting jobs in your industry - assuming your industry doesn't expect you to work too hard or be accountable for anything. But in spite of their wussiness, SJW's pack a lot of power because, to put it simply, they are the only ones kicking up a fuss and so far, most of their victims have dropped their pants and bent over for fear of looking like unapologetic bigots. There are a few student groups out there pushing back against these attacks on their human rights, but only a few. And only a miniscule number of educators are doing what they ought and politely but firmly telling these youngsters to grow up. 

True human rights are being stomped on to accommodate the reactive, unintelligent and juvenile brain fart that is social justice. Without human rights, there can be no justice of any kind. Our liberty depends on the ability of free people to let others enjoy the same freedoms they do, especially when they choose a different lifestyle or ideology. There is no logical reason for censorship, segregation, kangaroo courts or indeed for all this whining. 

Differences should not be feared, but recognized. Bad speech should not be censored, but countered with more speech. History should not be denied, but understood and used to cataclyze change. Ideas should not be limited, but shared and challenged. Self-determining human beings should deal with the consequences of their own choices and not blame others. And the puffed up social justice brat should be introduced to the real world in all its complicated glory rather than be allowed to hide in a room with a box of gender-neutral crayola. 

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a social justice parody that had me rolling. So glad I'm not a student. I would need a safe space from the SJW's.

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